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Latest Vapour Mods That You Can Buy Online With High Tech

Vapour ModsThe modified e-cigarette, or Vapour mod,” has become rapidly more popular among vapers, and with that, the industry has seen a boom in producers of various types of quality mods on the market.

With this boom, the ability for retailers to access Wholesale Vape Mods has become a huge advantage in order to provide their customers with the widest variety of high-quality products.

Vapour Mods differ from the basic e-cigarette in that they are modified for more efficient performance for those who are more advanced vapers. Mods can be subcategorized as either “mechanical” or “regulated.”

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Regulated mods (VV or VW Mods) are more similar to a smart e-cigarette, and often contain additional features such as puff counters, temperature control, and pass-through charging. Mechanical mods differ slightly in that they run solely on battery voltage and have no screen.

They also lack other additional features present in regulated models, such as power adjustment and short protection. Because the mechanical Vapour mods have less regulatory controls than that of regulated mods, they are typically built more for those who are frequent vapers that have a good understanding of how to maintain a mechanical mod.

Vapour Mod Shops Online

Because of the wide variety of Vapor mods available, it is important for retailers to have a supplier that offers a wide selection of products. Kingdom Vapor is one of the leading wholesale vape mod providers, with an extensive, quality selection of mods to meet the broad spectrum of consumers vaping needs.

Some of the many high-quality brands that Kingdom Vapor makes available for retailers at wholesale include:

Vandy Vape Vapour Mods

Established in 2016 and located in Shenzhen city, Vandy Vape is a new mod company devoted to developing superior vape products. Having achieved a phenomenal growth in popularity due to their dedication to creating quality products within the vape industry, Vandy Vape has become the e-cig company whose products you’ll want. In order to ensure you get quality products, Vandy Vape’s engineering process consists of many hours spent developing excellent designs with quality machinery for flawless results you’ll love. One of the products they offer is the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit which comes in many different colors to choose from. This kit comes fully prepared so that you can start vaping as soon as you open the box. However, if you prefer to customize your vape so that the colors match your preferences, Vandy Vape offers colored Pulse BF Mod Silicone Bottes to choose from along with replacement panels for easy fixing. On top of that, there is a Vandy Vape Tool Kit so that you can start building your own coils.

Joyetech Vapor Mods And Starter Kits

Joyetech focuses heavily on high-end technology and products. They offer a wide selection of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, e-cig box mods, and a variety of e-liquids. They feature a Penguin Starter Kit, AIO Starter Kit, AIO Box Starter Kit, and various other starter packs which have become extremely popular with both novice and experienced members of the vaping community. With a worldwide consumer base, Joyetech aims to optimize every customer’s experience, aligning with their slogan: “Joy Life with E Technology.”

SMOK Mods And SMOK Nord Kits

One of the leading brands in Vaporizing technology, SMOK is world renowned for its electronic cigarette research and development. As a first-class global brand, SMOK has been enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide, according to their reports.

SMOK Mods offers an extensive variety of electronic cigarettes and strives to continually expand upon its research and development in order to create well-designed quality products. SMOK also goes beyond the product and has launched an exclusive app called “Vaping Tour,” which is a smart vaporizer management and social platform which allows vapers to connect with other vapers in their area. Their devotion to customer-focused products is summed up with a great motto: “Healthier, happier consumers are our passion.”

Wide Variety Of Vape Starter Kits Available To Choose From

By offering a wide variety of premium products such as those mentioned above, Kingdom Vapor is the ultimate wholesaler for all vape retailers’ needs. If you have questions about any of the products mentioned or would like information on the vast selection of other products we carryFree Web Content, send us a message at and let us know how we can help!

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